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As our name suggest the mission of the company is to provide Ladies with a fresh, unique, upbeat, sassy but sophisticated look that helps Ladies express their beautiful selves from the inside out without breaking the bank.  Being able to let people know who you are without ever speaking a word is a wonderful thing. Here at our Fashion house you are encouraged to express your beauty and bling beautifully with our complimenting accessories to match each outfit you find here in our house.  We want this to be a place that everyone who visits calls home and gain the confidence they need to sparkle their inner beauty all over the world.

our team
Monica Hurd_edited.jpg

I believe fashion should be purpose-driven, it's your voice without words. When you feel as good as you look, you allow yourself to glow from the inside out and that is a message to be "HURD", lol. I want to inspire people to let there FULL beauty emerge and sparkle their message of beauty from the inside out.

Crystal DeJesus_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Crystal Dejsus

My view and style on fashion is simple and cute. Sometimes I like a little sexy but nothing too crazy. I like to feel comfortable and confident in what i wear and it has to match my hair.

Kyshiera Lacey_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Kyshiera lacey

Fashion is general, style is individual. It is a way to reflect who you are without having to speak. My favorite motto is: you are the designer of your own elegance. If you like it, wear it! Forget the rules!

Therias Bovain_edited_edited_edited_edit

Clothes send a message! It's not what you wear it's how you wear it! The best thing about fashion is that there's no rules. I love putting pieces together, especially ones with a lot of color! Fashion helps me express myself!.

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